PC hardware repair

Computer hardware problems can be frustrating. Maybe your desktop computer won’t turn on. Maybe it does, but it still doesn’t work. Perhaps the screen keeps freezing, you have insufficient memory, or your hard drive isn’t detected. These are all common examples of computer hardware problems that we can help fix. Our computer technicians will help determine what is causing the issue and how to repair it.

Hardware repair examples

Our expert technicians can address your computer hardware repairs. Some of the most common computer hardware problems you may encounter include:

Whether your running a HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus or anything in between, our computer repair services can get you back up and running smoothly again.

Computer system repairs

After identifying the issue, your Geek will:

Computer Component Repair

Your technician will diagnose any faulty internal components and attempt to replace them onsite.

If the faulty component is a specific part which needs to be ordered in, the machine will be taken offsite for repairs where the component will be replaced when it arrives in stock.

Installation of Software or Drivers

Any specific software or drivers that are required for the new hardware to function properly will be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Test New Components

Finally, any new hardware installed by the technician will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it works properly.