Welcome to the UI of the future

Thoughtful design meets network technology

Welcome to the UI of the future

Thoughtful design meets network technology

Access Reader Professional

Model: UA-Pro

Optimize your building security

Seamless network integration

Easily integrate your Access devices into a new or existing UniFi system.
Note: The Access Reader Pro (UA Pro) must be installed either indoors or under a roof eave outdoors.

Enhance your existing door security with Access devices

UniFi Access works with most electric bolts, magnetic locks, and electric strikes.

Electric Bolt Lock

Magnetic Lock

Electric Strike

Which Access Point is Right for You?

Access Products

Frequently Asked Questions

UAPs can be locally or remotely managed with your UniFi Network application running on a UniFi OS Console. UAPs can also be set up as independent devices, but doing so will limit your configuration and remote access options.

Access your UAPs on UniFi Network by going to unifi.ui.com or downloading the mobile app (Android / iOS).

We have a wide variety of UAPs, including our new UniFi 6 models. Check out our brief overview video to learn more about each device’s unique design and application.

This depends on the size of your space and other environmental factors, like what type of walls you have. We recommend using the UniFi Design Center to upload your floor plan, map out your deployment, and simulate its performance.

Check out the video below to learn more about UniFi Design Center.

UAPs are powered with either PoE or PoE+. As such, we recommend powering UAPs with a UniFi PoE Switch. To learn about a specific model’s power requirements, please check its datasheet located on its Ubiquiti Store page.
Non-meshing UAPs can broadcast up to eight SSIDs. Meshing UAPs, which connect to other APs and not directly to your network, can broadcast up to four.

Yes, UAPs can be wirelessly meshed together as long as at least one AP is directly connected to your network.

Note: We recommend connecting no more than 2 meshing UAPs to a wired one to ensure optimal performance.

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